Zebra Love Displayed During Art Basel Miami

Shauna 1

The set-up is underway at Spectrum Miami. Blake Emory will be displaying his iconic Zebra Love Collection through Sunday.

Passion, “divine geometry” and beauty meld to create the “Optic Modernist” movement pioneered by Blake Emory. Using the female silhouette for each piece in his Zebra Love collection, Emory blends the bold, graphic pattern of the zebra to create an optical illusion sure to catch the eye. With the signature red stiletto shoe featured in each piece, Emory is looking to leave an impression in Miami, where his collection was first inspired.

“I like to think of my work as representing the unity of mankind,” says Blake Emory.  “The Zebra is one of nature’s grandest designs and I fell in love with this beautiful formation and found that its geometry gave me a new form of expression in Optic Modernism.  The female figure represents the world of love and what I believe is a type of ‘social silhouette.’

Emory’s Shauna 1 piece, displayed at Spectrum Miami, will also be featured on limited edition bottles of a new premium vodka with the artist’s namesake. Emory Vodka will be launched nationally in early 2015.

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